Randy Gahm with his friend Cherie inspired a mini reunion for some NHS '66 classmates recently when they visited the D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. They connected with Ellen Berman, Nan Darack Fuhrman and husband Bob and were present for the Red Sox big win over the Orioles at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Going Forward … Mini Reunion Plans Announced

Happy New Year and wishing you good health and happiness in 2017!

Last year was a special time for our class as we came together to celebrate our 50th High School Reunion. If you were able to join us, you know it was a wonderful weekend. If you were unable to join us, you were definitely missed.

Prior to our next official reunion, the plan is to facilitate classmates to organize Mini Reunions in their various regions. These events are meant to be casual, and very informal. They may be a gathering of 4 or 5 classmates or over 20 at a public or private venue. Organizers may choose to invite classmates in the area and/or those traveling through.

Mini Reunions should have no registration fee, and any expenses would be the responsibility of individuals attending. The organizers of a Mini Reunion should communicate their plans with the Reunion Committee, and although the Reunion Committee will not be organizing any of these Mini Reunions, we would offer support as mentioned below.  We would love to have a photo of your gathering to post on the website (www.nhs66.org) and Facebook.

We maintain an alphabetical list of classmates (with city/town and state) as well as a list sorted by state on our class website (www.nhs66.org/contact/).  A free list of classmates with email addresses, available to classmates only for non-commercial use, is easy to order from the homepage and clicking on “NHS66 STORE” in the top menu. (www.nhs66.org/store/)

Here is how we hope to roll out this Mini Reunion program to support the organizers of these get-togethers as well as those of you that plan to attend:

* Any classmate can organize a Mini Reunion.  The organizer(s) should communicate with the Reunion Committee their plans by sending information to TheNHS66Reunion@gmail.com.

* The Reunion Committee could then:

 Provide contact information to the organizer(s) for consenting classmates.

                  Publicize the Mini Reunion on the class website and on Facebook, if wanted.

                  Offer general planning support.

* We recommend 3 to 4 month prior notice for Mini Reunions.

* Classmates may get in touch with the listed Mini Reunion organizer with any questions or to RSVP. The organizer can also offer more details should they be needed.

Our website will continue to be the GO TO place for communication. If you know any classmates that have not yet provided their email address, please encourage them to do so by going to the blog section of the website (www.nhs66.org/blog/) and subscribing. 

Going forward, to minimize expense, we intend to rely heavily upon email.  We promise not to overload you with emails.  Please keep us informed of your current residential address(es), phone number and email address using the blog (www.nhs66.org/blog/) or the NHS66 store (www.nhs66.org/store/).

On behalf of the 50th Reunion Committee – Candy Pasquarosa LaChapelle, Joe Marcus, Martha (Marti) Sylvester Warren

Over 250 Attended Reunion Gala at Brae Burn

Thank you all for sharing in our 50th High School Reunion - we had more than 250 in attendance and almost 200 of those were classmates - a record turnout!

And oh what a night - by all accounts a very special, nostalgic, and magical time for everyone. For those taking pictures, we encourage you to send your best 10 to us at TheNHS66Reunion@gmail.com and we will start posting them on this site.

We've gotten requests for contact information on classmates so we will send an email next week getting your OK to share your information by letting you opt out if not interested. We will ask to share your name, email address, hometown and state. Only your name and hometown/state will be posted on the website while your emails will only be sent to subscribed classmates who request the information on our website.

Long before we gather for a 55th Luncheon, we are making accommodations through this website to assist in having regional gatherings on a more frequent basis. This can be initiated and organized by anyone and the website will be the vehicle by which you can communicate and spread the word - more info to follow.

Please get anyone and everyone from our Class to subscribe to this site, and looks like many of you will be seeing each other long before the 55th!

Wow, our big weekend is finally here!

Looking forward to the weekend, and seeing everyone again. Just an update for anyone that was thinking possibly of just coming to the door to register. We are no longer going to be able to take classmates at the door, unless you have already spoken to a committee member. We hate to have anyone miss the 50th but the venue is stretched to the limit!

On another note, if you are taking photos that you want to pass along for the blog, we are limiting you to no more than ten of your best shots! You can send them by email to our class email: thenhs66reunion@gmail.com. Please put in the subject line : NHS PHOTOS.

Thanks and we are ALL looking forward to seeing you!

A Message from Committee Chair Candy Pasquarosa LaChapelle

 Greetings Classmates .... and let the countdown begin!

Just a friendly reminder that today (9/10) is the deadline for signing up for our Saturday daytime events. This includes Golf, Charles River Cruise, Boston Duck Tour, Bike Ride and High School/Newtonville Tour. Please go to our website where you can register online (if your check isn't already in the mail) www.nhs66.org or contact Ellen Berman at elb48@aol.com.

We plan to post the full menu by Sept 17th, but until then, our three buffet entrees will most likely be Marinated Sirloin Tips with Wild Mushroom Sauce, Sautéed Chicken Breast Francaise and Atlantic Salmon Fillet with Asian BBQ sauce. The entrees will be accompanied by salad, vegetables, potatoes and desserts. Prior to the dinner we will have stationary displays of appetizers as well as passed Hors D'Oeuvres. The specific details for all foods will be posted a week before the reunion. We've worked hard to accommodate most of the diet restrictions which we've been made aware and please note Kosher meals are available with prior notice.

Also, please note start times of events:

5:30 Friday night informal gathering at Indigo Hotel - come whenever!
6:00 for Saturday Night Reunion at Brae Burn
9:30 for Sunday informal breakfast gathering at Indigo

We will see you soon! Candy (Candace) Pasquarosa LaChapelle

A Message from Committee Member Peter Ryan

We grew up in interesting times.

 60 years ago – September, 1956 – we were just starting third grade.

 What I’ve found really interesting, at our past reunions, is talking to someone from third grade. You kinda know each other, at one level; a really interesting level. Age 8 or 9 is an intense time. So is age 11, or 15 or any of those years. The opportunity to talk, sometimes at length, with someone who was the same age, in the same town, at the same time…now a half century later - - is pretty cool. So great as it is to see well remembered friends, pals and co-conspirators, it’s the chance to have a conversation with someone you would never otherwise see, but who was in that place, at that time and has their own perspective on it - - or anything else, the conversation often is about nothing to do with those days - - that’s often been gratifying.

 And can happen only here.

Message from Golf Committee

Our reunion is approaching with lots of fun weekend activities available. One of these activities is the golf outing on Saturday, September 24th. at the Leo J. Martin Course in Weston. Start time 8:30 am. I’d like to invite you to consider playing in our golf outing which will be for fun and commradery. We still have two slots available for golf sponsorship. Don’t miss this opportunity to remember teachers, classmates, friends and family who have passed on or just to thank NHS for providing a foundation for your life.  It’s also an opportunity to let us know what business you are in. Lastly, I ‘d like to thank all the generous people who have sponsored the golf holes, which help defray the costs of this wonderful event. See you in September.

Barb Burman Mcintosh


Can't make reunion. . . be there "in spirit" !

I know there are some of you classmates out there that would dearly like to join us, but for one reason or another can't make it. I would like to give you the opportunity to email me a message to classmates and a photo, if you wish, that I could put on display at the reunion . . . so you could be there "in spirit". If you are interested, the best way for me is for you to reply by commenting on this post and I have your email address and will touch base with you so you can email to me directly. I know classmates will have fun reading them, I already have one from Diane Daniels and Mike Rogers!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Deadline Sept. 16, so I can have time to pull it all together for the 24th. Thanks.

Message from Kathie Gardner Hebden, Reunion Committee Member

Being on the reunion committee for many years has been great and I am really looking forward to our 50th because this one promises to be the best of all!  The many events and activities will provide lots of opportunities to reconnect with "old" friends and classmates. I'll be setting up a memorabilia table on Saturday night at Brae Burn so now is the time to start foraging through your storage bins and attics for photos, mementos, and any other items that you saved from our years at Newton High. We'll have a copy of the yearbook, so no need to lug one to the reunion.
There will also be a Memorial table to honor the memory of our classmates who have passed away. Sadly, the number of deceased now exceeds one hundred. Hopefully, their names and photos will initiate conversations about many fond memories, shared experiences, and updates of those who are no longer with us.

See you in September,
Kathie Gardner Hebden

A Message From Committee Member Ted Kelly

My suggested subject was Brae Burn Country Club, the venue for our 50th Reunion. I have never been there, other than tobogganing many times on the back hill (Waban side), but do know that it is a first class venue and previous NHS Reunions that have been held there have received great reviews from the attendees. Because I have lived in Newton for 68 years, and directly across the street from the high school for 37 years, I do know a lot about the 3 totally different schools that have been built there.
Our school was essentially a small college campus, but obviously wearing down. In 1973 a new school was built along Lowell avenue- basically in the area of the oldbaseball fields that we knew. In short, it was a disaster. Designed by architects said to specialize in prisons, it looked and felt like one.  Few windows, corridors and stairs that led to nowhere and very dark. The very expensive swimming pool was built approximately 9” short of competition distance, and therefore unusable for meets. They kept the same 6 “Houses’ system, but they were all in an open series of intermingled corridors and quickly irrelevant.  Within 15 years discussions began to tear it down and start fresh. But it was a slow process.
When the 1973 building was completed, they set about tearing down our high school campus. In a move of sheer 70’s genius, they decided, rather than haul the debris away, they would simply bury much ofthe school remnants where they lay, using it as fill, and cover it over to create sports fields, basically covering all of Walnut Street, Building 3 and Building 1. As part of this process Elm Road, which had run straight through the school grounds, was redirected in, a circle fashion, to run over and through the site of our Building 1 and the “Shed”.
In 2009 construction began on the current school, which is spectacular, albeit expensive - close to $200,000,000. It is built across the center of the property, basically from the old football field, through Building 3, to the site of Building 1. In early 2007 I was running my dog on the front fields and ran into a soil surveyor testing the soils. Turns out he was searching for “underground tunnels” which he thought were mysterious and odd, but had to be located. I walked him to theapproximate locations. He informed me that the tunnels had been simply left, as is, when the buildings were destroyed in ’73 and were now filled with water. The tunnels, and all the old debris from our school, needed to finally be removed. The problem was that all the pipes running the length ofthe tunnels (which many/most of us wrote our names/initials on & in etc) were insulated with asbestos and likely other contaminants, as were Buildings 1,2 & 3. Think of that the next time you look through the yearbook and see photos of the white coated pipes in the tunnels & buildings. Full remediation was needed. Shortly thereafter, for approximately one year, hazardous waste trucks with workers in full hazmat gear worked the old building sites and hauled away the remains of our school (and the asbestos). The Football stadium was removed also.
In essence, our beautiful campus became a toxic fillfor over 30 years, but now is awonderfully functioning school that is in use 7 days a week by multiple public and private groups. For full financial details you can speak with Newton Alderman, and ’66 classmate Dickie Blazer, who will be at the Reunion. On Saturday morning September 24, among other planned activities, we will be given a tour of the current school by members of the senior class. It should last a bit over an hour. We will then walkaroundgrounds to the various building areas, and finally to Newtonville, for a beverage of choice and edibles. Further information will be available on the website and updated as we get closer to the Reunion. We hope as many classmates as possible attend what should be a great Reunion weekend.
Ted Kelly NHS ‘66


A Message from Committee Chair Candy Pasquarosa LaChapelle

We already have 161 registered for our reunion and at this rate we will probably have a gathering of 200 to 250!

Our Friday night event is an informal gathering at the Indigo Hotel poolside. Because we don't have any specific space reserved we are hoping that enough of us show up at 5:30 to claim our turf. There are many of us staying at the hotel so we expect all will go well. When you arrive, look for somewhat older but friendly faces and orange and black balloons - we will have nametags for this event which is a cash bar.

On Sunday morning this is also an informal gathering so no specific seating, but there are enough of us that we should 'dominate' at the hotel's restaurant. We are suggesting from 9:30 on and we are sure many of us will be there to wrap up this very special and memorable weekend.

For those of you still planning to register, please do so soon! Either mail it in or register online at www.NHS66.org. Registering at the door is limited and will be cash only ($100.00).  Our website has great information about the weekend which includes the names of those attending thus far. See you soon!

A Message from Committee Member Joe Marcus

Marti has done a remarkable job is designing the NHS 66 websites over the years and in maintaining the database.  It has been my privilege to assist her in her efforts to be the glue that keeps our class together.  Her single purpose has been to facilitate communications for the class and between classmates.

The website is changing each day.  Classmates are added to the “Who is Attending” list, names are added to or deleted from the “Missing” list, names are sadly added to those departed, information and comments are posted to the blog.  Additional photos will be added to the site following the reunion.

If you could take a minute to review our list of missing classmates to see if there is someone that is not missing to you, we would appreciate it if you could share that information with TheNHS66Reunion@gmail.com.  If there is a classmate you have lost touch with and would like to see at the reunion, perhaps we could provide an email address or phone number.

At the reunion, name tags will be great (again).  Your first name will be displayed in Arial Narrow Bold 48 point to make it more readable, longer names may have a slightly smaller size.  Your photo will be smaller than the past and a Sharpie will be available for you to augment your photo. To give you maximal use of your hands at the reunion, you will not have to carry your name tag.  Lanyards will be provided and we made Newton High again, no NNHS for us.  For those with lanyardphobia, classmates and guests can request a magnetic name tag holder at the door, while supplies last.

In case I forgot to mention it, no orange jump suits or denim at Brae Burn.

I think that covers my assigned topic and hopefully this is the last thing they ask me to write.

Joe Marcus

A Message from Committee Member Barbara Burman McIntosh

Time is running out to sign up for the Reunion and the golf outing!  Just as a reminder you need to sign up and pay for the Saturday golf outing ($50) when you sign up for the Reunion.  The golf outing is being held at Leo J. Martin Memorial Golf course in Newton, where a lot of us started playing golf.  Tee off for the first group will be at 8:30am, leaving us more time for reminiscing at O’HARA’S post golf.

Plan on arriving about 7:30 – 7:45am.  We have a putting contest planned and the driving range will be open to us for unlimited practice.  There will be a sleeve of golf balls given out and prizes to win.  To get into the spirit, we are asking everyone to wear orange and black.

With around two months to go, about 150 have already registered for the reunion, 19 of us have signed up for the golf outing.  It is still early.  We are expecting many more to come to the Reunion, which would mean we could expect more people for the golf outing.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a hole for $100 you can sign up and pay on the website. The instructions on how to get your sign printed are on the website.  You need to have your sign paid for and sent by August 15th.  To make it easy, we have Staples handling the production of the sign.  The instructions tell you how to order the signs through Staples.  Sponsoring a hole is a great opportunity to memorialize someone special to you, to show how proud you are of your family, the business you have created or to just say thank you NHS for helping create a foundation for my life.  If you have any questions please contact Barbara Burman McIntosh at barbmcintosh@verizon.net.

It is going to be a lot of fun and a just a great way to spend Saturday morning and afternoon before the big event at Brae Burn Country Club.

Hope to see you in September for a memorable reunion.

NHS Golf Outing Committee

Steve Shulman
Jack Farrell
Barb Burman McIntosh Gardner


A Message from Committee Member Jean Thomason McCaughey

Greetings to the Class of ’66,

Our 50th reunion is less than two months away and if the summer continues to pass at the rate it’s going, September 23-25 will be here before we know it.  As of today 112 classmates have registered for the main reunion event at Brae Burn Country Club.  Thirty-five of them are bringing a guest, so we have a total of 148 attendees at this point. Fifty-eight classmates have said that they will be at the Indigo Hotel for the informal gathering on Friday evening.  For those who may have already registered, the Friday gathering is not an event that you have to sign up for in advance, so feel free to just show up if your schedule permits.  Many classmates have signed on for one of the Saturday activities as well.

We continue to receive donations with registrations. On behalf of the Reunion Committee, thanks to all of you who have added something extra to your check, as well as those who have donated since our planning began.

As you know, the names of those attending the reunion are being posted on the web site on a regular basis. Please be patient if you don’t see your name right away, especially in August when I will be way from my mailbox for awhile.   If you don’t see the name of a friend who you think should not miss this event, send them an email to remind them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at jmtmccaughey@yahoo.com

Looking forward to seeing you in September,




A Message from Committee Member Mike Berman

Hello Fellow Classmates,

I hope everyone is having a great summer and that you are healthy!  It’s my turn for an update for our 50th.  As committee team member one of my tasks was to find us a great DJ.  First we had to figure out what we wanted. We did!  We landed on http://www.bostonsoundchoice.com/

This is a top of the heap award winning company. Our DJ for the night is a former Newton High Student. We will also have a photo booth.

I hope you will all join us on what promises to be a fabulous weekend. I hope you can make it. “See you in September”.

Best wishes to all,

Michael Berman

Reunion Committee Meeting

Great meeting last night in Newton at the Crowne Plaza for our reunion. Over 100 attending reunion now and it will be a trip down Memory Lane. A few messages from those who would like to be with us but for one reason or not, can't make it. Joan Marcus is disappointed that the date for the reunion coincided with her daughters wedding!! Otherwise she would have been at reunion. Sandy Donahue sent a note, disappointed that health issues would keep her from returning for the reunion, which she was looking forward to attending. One never knows what our journey will be in the future, if you have not registered for reunion or are on the line about attending, why not take the leap and join us for a fun filled evening/weekend.
Registration is available on this site and to make it easy you can use a credit card!

Marlene Sockol Mills. . . The Tour de Newton!

Come join the reunion bike ride, The Tour de Newton. It will be a roll down memory lanes, a chance to reminisce, make new memories and stop for a lot of good treats along the way.  Whether you bike ride often, your bike is gathering dust or you know how to ride but would need to rent a bike,  this is a bike ride you will be able to enjoy. We’ll keep a mellow pace and be sure everyone stays together.  I have led bike rides before and will go over the basics of bike safety before we take off. If you have any questions please email me. marlene.mills@ucsf.edu See you in September!


Reunion Invite

It appears that several classmates did not receive an invitation. I did send out one to every classmate we had an address for. We sent emails to those who only had an email. The invitation which included the registration for the reunion is also on this website www.nhs66.org. You can print it and send along with a check or fill it in on line and use a credit card. You need to register to attend the Saturday night event at BraeBurn Country Club. There will be no one admitted at the door. We will be quite firm on this. Let me know if you didn't get the mailing it was sent back in February, 2016. Thanks!