A Message From Golfer Steve Shulman '66

Imagine hitting some golf balls at the Reunion’s golf outing, shooting the breeze and capturing memories with some long lost classmates on the Saturday of our much-anticipated Reunion weekend!   The Reunion’s golf outing is planned to be at the Martin Memorial Golf Course in Newton, a stone throw’s away or close by to where you may be staying for the weekend.

For many of us, it is going to evoke a range of feelings to play at the course where you might have gotten your start with golf as a kid.  I know it will be for me.  I remember vividly when Doug Vernon and I, in seventh grade, got onto the Riverside Line with clubs in tote for a ride to where we had never been; THE END OF THE LINE AT RIVERSIDE; a scary thought as it was a place we only knew as the end of the line wherever that might be!  As a kid we explored many a wild place but this certainly was the UNKNOWN... thoughts of,  STAND BY ME echo in my mind! From there we had to find the course! We had no idea how to where we were going, but being resourceful and determined, we succeeded!  I was armed and thrilled with my aunt’s recently received hand-me-down clubs, a half a dozen balls, tees and the $2.50 I took from my stash of money set aside for special stuff. 

Having never hit a ball off the grass before, it took me at least 6 swings to hit the damn ball.  But I loved it, and that was the start of life-long obsession with and passion for hitting that white ball which I passed on to my twin son and daughter who are terrific golfers.

The Reunion’s Golf Outing will start at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 24, 2016.  It will cost no more than $50 per person which includes a cart, golf,  giveaways and plenty of laughs! Family member or significant others are welcome, too. We plan on having on and off course challenges for some incredible Tiger embossed prizes. We are hoping that after the golf,  everyone will meet up at a local pub (about 10 minutes away) for a beer and food to talk about the day’s golf stories and to find out what the heck we have all been doing for the last 50 years or so!

An email was sent this fall from the Reunion’s Golf Outing Committee made up of Barbara "Burman" McIntosh , Jack Farrell and myself.  If you haven't contacted us and would like to participate please comment here or send an email to Barbara (see Contact page). Please help us by responding as promptly as possible!

Look for more postings to get an update on the details and plans!           

Best to all and look forward to seeing you again.

Stephen Shulman, Golf Blogger.