A Message from Committee Member Joe Marcus

Marti has done a remarkable job is designing the NHS 66 websites over the years and in maintaining the database.  It has been my privilege to assist her in her efforts to be the glue that keeps our class together.  Her single purpose has been to facilitate communications for the class and between classmates.

The website is changing each day.  Classmates are added to the “Who is Attending” list, names are added to or deleted from the “Missing” list, names are sadly added to those departed, information and comments are posted to the blog.  Additional photos will be added to the site following the reunion.

If you could take a minute to review our list of missing classmates to see if there is someone that is not missing to you, we would appreciate it if you could share that information with TheNHS66Reunion@gmail.com.  If there is a classmate you have lost touch with and would like to see at the reunion, perhaps we could provide an email address or phone number.

At the reunion, name tags will be great (again).  Your first name will be displayed in Arial Narrow Bold 48 point to make it more readable, longer names may have a slightly smaller size.  Your photo will be smaller than the past and a Sharpie will be available for you to augment your photo. To give you maximal use of your hands at the reunion, you will not have to carry your name tag.  Lanyards will be provided and we made Newton High again, no NNHS for us.  For those with lanyardphobia, classmates and guests can request a magnetic name tag holder at the door, while supplies last.

In case I forgot to mention it, no orange jump suits or denim at Brae Burn.

I think that covers my assigned topic and hopefully this is the last thing they ask me to write.

Joe Marcus