Message from Kathie Gardner Hebden, Reunion Committee Member

Being on the reunion committee for many years has been great and I am really looking forward to our 50th because this one promises to be the best of all!  The many events and activities will provide lots of opportunities to reconnect with "old" friends and classmates. I'll be setting up a memorabilia table on Saturday night at Brae Burn so now is the time to start foraging through your storage bins and attics for photos, mementos, and any other items that you saved from our years at Newton High. We'll have a copy of the yearbook, so no need to lug one to the reunion.
There will also be a Memorial table to honor the memory of our classmates who have passed away. Sadly, the number of deceased now exceeds one hundred. Hopefully, their names and photos will initiate conversations about many fond memories, shared experiences, and updates of those who are no longer with us.

See you in September,
Kathie Gardner Hebden