A Message from Committee Chair Candy Pasquarosa LaChapelle

We already have 161 registered for our reunion and at this rate we will probably have a gathering of 200 to 250!

Our Friday night event is an informal gathering at the Indigo Hotel poolside. Because we don't have any specific space reserved we are hoping that enough of us show up at 5:30 to claim our turf. There are many of us staying at the hotel so we expect all will go well. When you arrive, look for somewhat older but friendly faces and orange and black balloons - we will have nametags for this event which is a cash bar.

On Sunday morning this is also an informal gathering so no specific seating, but there are enough of us that we should 'dominate' at the hotel's restaurant. We are suggesting from 9:30 on and we are sure many of us will be there to wrap up this very special and memorable weekend.

For those of you still planning to register, please do so soon! Either mail it in or register online at www.NHS66.org. Registering at the door is limited and will be cash only ($100.00).  Our website has great information about the weekend which includes the names of those attending thus far. See you soon!