A Message from Committee Member Peter Ryan

We grew up in interesting times.

 60 years ago – September, 1956 – we were just starting third grade.

 What I’ve found really interesting, at our past reunions, is talking to someone from third grade. You kinda know each other, at one level; a really interesting level. Age 8 or 9 is an intense time. So is age 11, or 15 or any of those years. The opportunity to talk, sometimes at length, with someone who was the same age, in the same town, at the same time…now a half century later - - is pretty cool. So great as it is to see well remembered friends, pals and co-conspirators, it’s the chance to have a conversation with someone you would never otherwise see, but who was in that place, at that time and has their own perspective on it - - or anything else, the conversation often is about nothing to do with those days - - that’s often been gratifying.

 And can happen only here.