Going Forward … Mini Reunion Plans Announced

Happy New Year and wishing you good health and happiness in 2017!

Last year was a special time for our class as we came together to celebrate our 50th High School Reunion. If you were able to join us, you know it was a wonderful weekend. If you were unable to join us, you were definitely missed.

Prior to our next official reunion, the plan is to facilitate classmates to organize Mini Reunions in their various regions. These events are meant to be casual, and very informal. They may be a gathering of 4 or 5 classmates or over 20 at a public or private venue. Organizers may choose to invite classmates in the area and/or those traveling through.

Mini Reunions should have no registration fee, and any expenses would be the responsibility of individuals attending. The organizers of a Mini Reunion should communicate their plans with the Reunion Committee, and although the Reunion Committee will not be organizing any of these Mini Reunions, we would offer support as mentioned below.  We would love to have a photo of your gathering to post on the website (www.nhs66.org) and Facebook.

We maintain an alphabetical list of classmates (with city/town and state) as well as a list sorted by state on our class website (www.nhs66.org/contact/).  A free list of classmates with email addresses, available to classmates only for non-commercial use, is easy to order from the homepage and clicking on “NHS66 STORE” in the top menu. (www.nhs66.org/store/)

Here is how we hope to roll out this Mini Reunion program to support the organizers of these get-togethers as well as those of you that plan to attend:

* Any classmate can organize a Mini Reunion.  The organizer(s) should communicate with the Reunion Committee their plans by sending information to TheNHS66Reunion@gmail.com.

* The Reunion Committee could then:

 Provide contact information to the organizer(s) for consenting classmates.

                  Publicize the Mini Reunion on the class website and on Facebook, if wanted.

                  Offer general planning support.

* We recommend 3 to 4 month prior notice for Mini Reunions.

* Classmates may get in touch with the listed Mini Reunion organizer with any questions or to RSVP. The organizer can also offer more details should they be needed.

Our website will continue to be the GO TO place for communication. If you know any classmates that have not yet provided their email address, please encourage them to do so by going to the blog section of the website (www.nhs66.org/blog/) and subscribing. 

Going forward, to minimize expense, we intend to rely heavily upon email.  We promise not to overload you with emails.  Please keep us informed of your current residential address(es), phone number and email address using the blog (www.nhs66.org/blog/) or the NHS66 store (www.nhs66.org/store/).

On behalf of the 50th Reunion Committee – Candy Pasquarosa LaChapelle, Joe Marcus, Martha (Marti) Sylvester Warren