On behalf of your 50th Class Reunion Committee, I would like to welcome you to our official NHS ‘66 site. A recent article in the Boston Globe talked about the very special nostalgia of high school graduations, "they have an emotional payload, a poignancy that is impossible to exaggerate. It's a completion of a journey, an affirmation so strong and so enduring that it's unlikely to be surpassed - or replicated - in our lifetimes". After all, many of us have known each other since grammar school days, our friends families and neighbors have watched us since we were kids involved in school activities, sports, braces, school plays, scouts, music recitals, drivers ed, friendships, break-ups, sad times and fun times. We have a 'special history' that isn't easily experienced from other life encounters. 

It was no surprise to us, as we have been hearing from many of you, that you are still in touch with these old friends even after 50 long years! We are planning a weekend to reunite on September 23 through 25, 2016. A weekend to strengthen and renew those bonds and special memories - and even if you have never been to a reunion before what a wonderful trip you will have down memory lane in September (2016). We are all so lucky to be at a point in our lives in which we are healthy enough to attend this reunion so we are looking forward to seeing many of you there . . . and as the old adage continues to ring true - 'old friends are forever'. 

We have an active Reunion Committee: Ellen Berman, Mike Berman, Barbara Burman McIntosh, Kathie Gardner Hebden, Ted Kelly, Joe Marcus, Peter Ryan, Martha Sylvester Warren, Jean Thomason McCaughey all of whom I have enjoyed planning the reunion. I would also like to thank Marti (Martha) Sylvester Warren for her work on producing this website.              

 - Reunion Chairperson: Candy (Candace) Pasquarosa LaChapelle

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One Class • NHS '66

Coming Home!


Do you remember?

The Class of 1966 had 851 in the graduating class. We came mostly from 5 Jr.Highs and were randomly divided up into "Houses". The house system had only been in existence for six years. With a school of 2500 students it was hoped that this system would provide a friendly and personal environment for students to grow as individuals and organize their own activities.

Our class had by far the most active Class Committee, in its efforts to improve student social life. Class President Bob Berlin (Captain Bob) led the charge with other members of his team: Dick Jefferson,1st VP; Candy Pasquarosa, 2nd VP; Fran Deats, Secretary; and Jay Reynolds, Treasurer. They were advised by a most effective and much loved Miss Gianferante. The most important and  ambitious project taken on by our class was the Youth Center. Many put in hours of hard work led by  committee head Susan Gradone and raised $5000.

Who could forget?

In our senior year the first female Student Council  President was elected at NHS! Under the leadership of Betsy Snider the school was in very good hands. The Snider Administration (Steve Selkowitz, V.P.; Nancy Schulman, Sec.; Stephen Jigger, Treas.) promised a "Good Deal" for everyone. The Tiger Cage (school store) was improved. Vending machines were installed in the cafeteria. Students could eat outside during good weather. In addition there was an Alumni Day, Faculty basketball game and who could forget "Bermuda Day".

Our Senior Supper, renamed "Treasures of '66" took place in a  decorated gym with Capt. Bob Berlin directing classmates. A great received  talent show kept everyone laughing as classmates attempted to let their meal settle. Mike Silberman and George DiBennedetto ended the show with a wonderful rendition of Sonny & Cher's, "I Got You Babe."






Did you know?

 Over the past 50 years we have lost a number of classmates. While many of our classmates served our country while at war in Vietnam, to our knowledge we only lost one classmate, Richard Forte in December, 1968. He was mentioned in the book, Doc:Platoon Medic, a True Story of Vietnam's  Most Courageous Warrior-Healer (Evans & Sasser)He also was remembered by the city of Newton where they named a park for him, The Richard J. Forte Memorial Park, at 235 California Street.

Over the years friends and spouses have emailed to tell of their losses. Cancer seems to be a familiar thread. One daughter wrote to say her mom (who died of breast cancer) loved her high school days and was always showing her the NHS yearbook and the funky girls gym uniform! Another son of a classmate wrote to say his dad died when he was young and was looking for someone who may have known him, to tell him what he was like.